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This riveting unsung 1977 American movie classic is not to be missed as it makes its rightful return to the big screen.  The film is a knuckle-busting thrill ride that … Continue reading

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The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing is a comedic and visually arresting romp into genocide that would give Todd Solondz the creeps.  This stunning psycho-drama documentary awash in nostalgia and revulsion is … Continue reading

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The Thin Red Line

Like a montage-y seance this film captures all the voices and emotions of war, and examines in full Malickian intensity the ephemeral ecstasy and brutality of our mortality.  The lighting … Continue reading

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In Tabloid, Errol Morris certainly brings to life the experience of being held hostage for 87 minutes.  Joyce McKinney is barking mad all right, and not in a fun way. … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke!

This film seems intentionally cartoonish and is clunkily written.  Jane Campion’s bad taste strikes again!  This poor attempt at confronting and confounding gender roles is as sloppy and inadequate as … Continue reading

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Why In The Cut Hates Women more than Breast Cancer and Oliver Stone Combined

I found myself pretty shocked by Jane Campion’s film, In the Cut, mainly because it was directed by a woman, and not by Martin Luther or L. Ron Hubbard.  Not … Continue reading

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