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In Tabloid, Errol Morris certainly brings to life the experience of being held hostage for 87 minutes.  Joyce McKinney is barking mad all right, and not in a fun way.  168 IQ?  Maybe those tests are culturally biased after all!  This film made me hate Joyce McKinney, left me cold on the subject of tabloid reporting, and made me wonder how bored Errol Morris must have been to have drudged up this long and tiresome explanation of McKinney’s bizarre life choices.  The film does, however, give a pretty accurate and succinct explanation of the downsides and more controversial ideas of the Mormon religion, which really should have been the topic of this project.  This is Morris’ worst film by a mile, which is funny because it’s the first one to have a really great poster.

Skip this tabloid trash and go watch Mr. Death and The Thin Blue Line, two Errol Morris masterworks!

Documentaries: 3/10

All Films: 3/10

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