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Moonrise Kingdom


Wes Anderson has redeemed himself after Darjeeling Ltd, a cinematically joyful and gorgeous low point (although The Fantastic Mr. Fox was a valiant attempt and a fun little film).  Moonrise Kingdom definitely benefitted from having a little more care put into the writing and dialogue, not to mention the subject matter, which felt decidedly autobiographical.  The block-busting ensemble cast didn’t feel crowded in, and Bruce Willis gave a believable and tender performance as anyone other than a tough no-nonsense ass kicker who turns his back on explosions.  Even Edward Norton wasn’t distracting, given that his last OK role was Leaves of Grass, and maybe Red Dragon before that?  Ouch!  (OK, I admit I haven’t seen Stone yet).  The two kids were a perfect casting choice, and they carried the movie well.  I can now say I am really looking forward to the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Fun Movie Note: If you worship The Royal Tennenbaums (like all sane people), go watch Chloe From 5 To 7, and see how much Wes Anderson takes from that film!

Indie Feel Movies: 8/10  All Movies: 7/10

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