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The 13 Best Albums of 2013: Short N Sweet, and Late!

1. Queens of The Stone Age …Like Clockwork Just a great solid rock album from start to finish.  I will be listening to this for years.   2. Obits Bed … Continue reading

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The Heart She Holler

The Heart She Holler is a blood sharting nightmarescape of horror and nihilism.  Why are a handful of the best comedians alive participating in this mind rape taco salad fiesta? … Continue reading

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Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson has redeemed himself after Darjeeling Ltd, a cinematically joyful and gorgeous low point (although The Fantastic Mr. Fox was a valiant attempt and a fun little film).  Moonrise … Continue reading

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I expect nothing less from Spielberg at this point than a perfect historical drama, and Lincoln delivers in spades.  Daniel Day Lewis gives a meaningful, earnest portrayal that consistently rings … Continue reading

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