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I expect nothing less from Spielberg at this point than a perfect historical drama, and Lincoln delivers in spades.  Daniel Day Lewis gives a meaningful, earnest portrayal that consistently rings true and allows the audience to really contemplate Lincoln’s words, his point of view and his feelings in those critical moments (as opposed to drawing attention to the guy with the glued on beard and the funny top hat with the high pitched voice).  Tommy Lee Jones gives a surprisingly strong and personal performance.  This was a story that needed to be told, and elucidated the way in which an abundance of autonomous personal power can yield unimaginable rewards for a large and diverse group, if that person in power cares to act in the interest of the group (think Warren Buffet).

To all the people who complained it was too long: grow up, please.

Historical Dramas: 10/10  All Movies: 8/10

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