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Nightcrawler: You Are Not A Firework

Nightcrawler is not a cult classic, and yet it has been awash in praise based on the scant merits of its “otherness”.  It is an insufferable, noncommittal, flaccid attempt to … Continue reading

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Birdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Birdman is the best film I’ve seen all year (besides Under the Skin).  Birdman is meant to be experienced on the big screen, so do not miss it.  Michael Keaton and Edward … Continue reading

November 15, 2014 · Leave a comment

Gone Girl

What a quirky little love letter to Hitchcock!  In Gone Girl, Fincher borrows generously from Psycho and Vertigo and this is one of the best nights at the movies I’ve had … Continue reading

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Skeleton Twins

Skeleton Twins is an ultra black comedy masquerading as a quirky indie film.  The dialogue is some of the best I’ve seen in ages-expertly subtle, thoughtful and disarmingly authentic to … Continue reading

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This occasionally blunt instrument aspires to elevate the craft, and very nearly accomplishes it.  There are powerful and poetic moments of the film steered by the formidable Brendan Gleeson which made … Continue reading

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This riveting unsung 1977 American movie classic is not to be missed as it makes its rightful return to the big screen.  The film is a knuckle-busting thrill ride that … Continue reading

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Alive Inside

Alive Inside is an incredibly moving plea to improve the lives of our elders by providing them access to the music that defined their lives and identities.  Unfortunately this is … Continue reading

August 19, 2014 · 2 Comments

The Double

  An exquisite amalgam of Brazil, The Hudsucker Proxy and Being John Malcovich, Richard Ayoade has drunk deep from the well of The Mighty Boosh, and emerged as one of … Continue reading

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Only Lovers Left Alive

This was just an embarrassment.  A desperate, name dropping, excruciatingly out-dated cringe-athon.  You would think Tilda could have saved it, by her mere Swintonian presence.  Alas, not even Tilda could … Continue reading

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The Monuments Men

Cobbled together in a clunky fashion, Monuments Men invokes the WWII movie canon without the connection to character or place.  Like a hollow mannequin composed of familiar, often life-like, yet … Continue reading

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