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Gone Girl

What a quirky little love letter to Hitchcock!  In Gone Girl, Fincher borrows generously from Psycho and Vertigo and this is one of the best nights at the movies I’ve had all year.  This is David Fincher’s first comedy, and his level of control over the tone of every exchange and action was absolutely jaw dropping.  I was impressed that neither Tyler Perry or Neil Patrick Harris proved to be a distraction.
After the film I learned from the rumor mill that Fincher may have shot 50 takes for each scene, which is unsurprising when you watch the film-it felt like tonal OCD.  The film never allows itself to get too dark (in spite of the subject matter) in order to keep you awash in a feeling of uneasiness and distrust which never dilutes.  The triple plot twist on the subject of being “kept” was intellectually fruitful, although the writing/dialogue overall was sorely lacking in veracity and quality.  Hiring the author to write the screenplay is a time tested blunder, and a bit of a rookie move for a guy like Fincher.
All Movies: 6/10

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