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Skeleton Twins


Skeleton Twins is an ultra black comedy masquerading as a quirky indie film.  The dialogue is some of the best I’ve seen in ages-expertly subtle, thoughtful and disarmingly authentic to the ear.  To say the subject matter is depressing is a spectacular understatement, but I felt as if the film at its core was trying to be emotionally challenging-not a debbie-downer.  Bill Hader gives a surprising, spot on performance. Who knew he could really act?  All of the actors carry the piece well, but as a profound comment on life, death and relationships it never comes to fruition.  I think the subject matter was too aggressive and made for a poor contrapposto to the dialogue.  Like Kristin Wiig’s character, the film could never commit to the light or the dark, and the pacing of those transitions were poorly handled and jarring.  I can’t wait to see Bill Hader act again, he’s got some juice!
All Movies: 5/10
Fun Fact: Bill Hader has been a South Park writer in addition to SNL.  He is also my all-time favorite cameo in Portlandia as Birdman (and amazingly probably to only me, the Birdman film with Michael Keaton was one of the trailers before the film).

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