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The Wolfpack


The Wolfpack is an emotionally wrenching and utterly fascinating peek into the wild, fantastic, secretive world of the Angulo brothers.  The spectre of abuse and neglect loom large amid so many nonverbal exchanges and homespeak.  This film feels like fiction-it’s “too good to be true” and it’s deeply troubling on an ethical level.  It seems the rules of documentary engagement have been cast aside by Crystal Moselle for both form and content.  I had to use my phone about twenty minutes into the film (which I have never done in my entire life, not once) to double check that I actually saw the word “documentary” in the description of this film.  The seams of this visual collage intertwining interviews and found footage are so invisible that it feels and looks like an autobiography.  This is an editorial masterwork which is peerless in documentary film.  The fact that it is a first film is astonishing.  Don’t miss this on the big screen, and be prepared for an experience unlike any other.

Documentaries: 9/10
All Movies: 8/10

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