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The Grand Budapest Hotel

In his most cartoonish offering yet, Wes Anderson seems to brazenly forgo any posturing when it comes to character development, and yet the film feels rich and full in spite of this.  The stunning color palette and composition of each shot should have been sensory overload, but they serve to fill an emotional void left by the static of characters which never grow or change.  Indeed, I think the characters in this film were for Anderson the pesky set dressing, to bolster the true players of this piece: poetic language, high design, and masturbatory artistic visual control.
The film is hilarious-Mr. Anderson has improved his comedic timing ten fold (via editing) from his last funny film, Rushmore.  This film is cotton candy in the truest sense of the term.  Bring a date!
Wes Anderson films: 6/10
Comedies: 6/10

One comment on “The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. CMrok93
    April 12, 2014

    Fun, zippy, hilarious and a whole bunch of fun. May not be all that weighty, but definitely a good time. Good review.

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