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Spike Jonze has created a masterpiece, and it is one of the few art films of 2013.  The fact that Jonze wasn’t even nominated for the Best Director Oscar speaks volumes about the industry.  This is a masterwork of inventive storytelling and production design, and you cannot afford to miss it on the big screen.  The film is timely in it’s exploration of our ever complicating relationship and co-mingling with technology.

I believe this is the epic and worthy companion piece to Lost In Translation-the other side of the coin.  The fact that both revolve around Scarlett Johansson was surely not lost on Jonze.  Lost In Translation is Sophia Coppola’s side of her failed marriage to Jonze, and Her is Jonze’s response.  Notably, Jonze has never re-married, and the physical similarities between Coppola and Joaquin Phoenix’s mercurial ex wife in the film are undeniable.  Much like Anti-Christ, or Vertigo, this film feels intensely personal, as if the director is working out his demons right in front of you on the screen.

All Movies: 9/10

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