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The Monuments Men


Cobbled together in a clunky fashion, Monuments Men invokes the WWII movie canon without the connection to character or place.  Like a hollow mannequin composed of familiar, often life-like, yet incongruous parts, the film promises a human story that by definition cannot deliver.  Perhaps the star power packed to the brim here caused this derailment of narrative focus, but it seems a glaring opportunity for greatness has been missed.  Often, films like this pack the most agonizing blow-the story and the actors are the best one could possibly hope for-like giving the finest culinary ingredients to a novice.  Couldn’t the studio have improved the script and the editing, or was this a trial by fire production for some production hopeful who was more concerned with schedules being aligned than the readiness of the whole project?  On the whole, however, it was cute and entertaining.  Take your grandpa and some low expectations.
War Movies: 5/10
All Movies: 5/10

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