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Under The Skin


Jonathan Glazer’s third feature film is a flat out sci-fi masterpiece.  The subtlety and the technical and visual sophistication are mesmerizing and have elevated the form.  Glazer borrows generously hand-over-fist from the psychedelic cornucopia that is Andrei Tartivsky’s Solaris.  I live for films like these, films that feel genuinely original, or at the very least important.  This film burns brightly in the glittering cosmos of visual media.  Surely this film will enjoy an escalating cult status in the second market, where it will be puzzled and argued over endlessly.  The brilliant score, the indelible performance by Johanssen, and the opulent cinematography are but three stunning pieces in this puzzle to luxuriate in.  Glazer’s mastery of visual metaphor in Under The Skin is so profound, seductive, and perfectly woven into place that identifying the borders or seams will occupy the lives and the verbose papers of graduate students for decades to come.

You should see this in theaters just for the bragging rights!
Time to rent Birth!
Sci-fi films: 9/10
All Movies: 9/10

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