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The Heart She Holler


The Heart She Holler is a blood sharting nightmarescape of horror and nihilism.  Why are a handful of the best comedians alive participating in this mind rape taco salad fiesta?  Because it’s fucking art.  This is the best thing that ever happened on television.  Besides maybe Wonder Showzen, not that anyone knew it was happening while it was happening (hence the appropriate moniker, a “happening”).  You, my friend, have an opportunity to see this happening on live TV.  You can tell your kids about it, because the most subversive thing we ever saw on TV during puberty was the Tom Green show, or maybe Space Ghost?  Or Masturbating Bear?  If you love horror movies, birth defects, satire, nightmares, or relevant art, you cannot afford to miss The Heart She Holler.  The second season is on every week night in September.  DO IT.
TV Shows: 9/10

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