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Short Term 12


Gut wrenching in its realism, Short Term 12 offers up a surprisingly heart warming slice of authenticity-life on “the line” as a day to day supervisor for kids in a group home.  This intimate, believable portrayal is not manipulative, and has the guts to discuss what happens to us in life after abuse, as kids and as adults trying to form new and healthy identities.  Brie Larson absolutely transforms into Grace, which is shocking and impressive when you go back and watch her as the sex crazed “OH PAIR!” on The League.  The themes of this film are universal, whether you have been on the wrong side of the belt or not.  The quest here for hope, positivity and personal growth is never sappy or heavy handed-just a positive approach to surviving and thriving.  This is an impressive second film, and I can’t wait to see what Destin Cretton (a graduate of SDSU film school, no less) does next.
Time to go watch I Am Not A Hipster, Cretton’s first feature.
Dramas: 7/10
All Movies: 6/10

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