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In this very commercial follow up to The Proposition, Nick Cave has shown that he can write good movies that appeal to everyone, not just record store clerks who worship Dead Man.  This movie is (and I apologize in advance for the expression) a slam dunk.  Sexy, entertaining, surprisingly well acted, written and directed-it is absolutely the feel good movie of 2012.  Tom Hardy gives an intoxicatingly manly and subtle performance, and Shia LeBeouf cries perfectly on command.  Unfortunately, John Hillcoat may be careening towards doom with Triple Nine, his first major picture without the assistance of a brilliant and tested writer.  Guy Pearce is another actor who has had a very iffy and disappointing career of late.  I hope he redeems himself in the Prometheus se(pre)quell.

Westerns: 7/10  All Movies: 6/10

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