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Only God Forgives


In this surrealist, muddled homage to David Lynch and classic Kung-Fu, Nicolas Winding-Refn reveals an artistic bent which was thrilling to watch, though the overall experience was a disappointment.  The impressive color palette and occasionally brilliant soundtrack made for a very entertaining movie length montage.  The regrettable casting of Kristin Scott Thomas was an egregious and unwelcome distraction from what could and should have been a film with no dialogue.  The dinner scene in the middle seemed a disastrous attempt at black humor in the vein of David Lynch.  It totally missed the mark and felt amateur (in a bad way) and it seemed as if Refn had lost artistic control of this project, which he dedicated at the end to Alejandro Jodorowsky.  This was clearly a short film that was placed on the rack and tortured out to full film length, a classic artistic blunder.

I was so impressed by the artistry of Drive, and so intrigued by the aspirational pursuits of Only God Forgives that I literally can’t wait to see what Refn does next.

All Movies: 6/10

Time to go watch Holy Mountain and Valhalla Rising

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