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Pacific Rim


This FX Networks ™ ether frolic was wildly entertaining if you love robots, monsters, and watching robots fight with monsters.  Not sure what Charlie Day was doing in this picture; he felt more like a stand in on a giant line that read “comic relief, insert here.”  It’s disappointing when comedians turn out to be shitty actors.  I’m sure he’ll try to prove his chops in the safest way possible next: an “indie” film (they never are) romantic comedy vehicle which will be poorly written and edited (they always are) and showcase his ability to cry (after an hour in his trailer getting all riled up watching Zach Galifinakis deliver better and more sincere acting in Between Two Ferns than Day could ever command on cue).  Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this on the big screen-it’s the only place it could truly be excellent.  Ron Pearlman totally steals the show.  Hellboy 3 anyone?

One note to Guillermo del Toro: too many cut aways!  I want to watch the whole fight, not snippits that suggest fighting.  That was my main complaint about Batman Begins.  We need to all go back to film school and watch Zombi, where Fulci had the balls to let us actually watch the zombie fight the shark.

Action Movies: 7/10

All Movies: 4/10

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