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The Wolverine


Wow, holy shit.  When you pick a really good actor to be a superhero, your movie doesn’t have to be garbage!  When you write a good screenplay, and put a lot of money into the production, it can look really good.  Epic even!  This movie was downright memorable it was so good.  I could even go see it again.  Besides The Dark Knight, I can’t remember the last time I wanted to see a comic book movie again, like immediately, like as soon as the lights went up.

Do not miss this movie, and pay the extra dollars to see it on the big screen you cheap bastard!  It will remind you why we go to the movies and why the word “spectacle” doesn’t have to be a dirty word!  I bet this will look terrible in a decade, so enjoy it right now.  Just close your eyes when the Viper is on screen and pretend that she wasn’t hastily inserted into the movie because some studio producer had no imagination.

Action Movies: 8/10

All Movies: 6/10

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