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The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing is a comedic and visually arresting romp into genocide that would give Todd Solondz the creeps.  This stunning psycho-drama documentary awash in nostalgia and revulsion is … Continue reading

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In Tabloid, Errol Morris certainly brings to life the experience of being held hostage for 87 minutes.  Joyce McKinney is barking mad all right, and not in a fun way. … Continue reading

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Linklater continues to innovate in this new hybrid of Errol Morris style documentary and fiction hydra.  I really felt like I was seeing something new, and like most of the … Continue reading

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The Imposter

An interesting story told excruciatingly drawn out over double the time it should have taken. A note to the director:  this film takes too much stylistically from Errol Morris, find … Continue reading

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