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Park Avenue: Money, Power and The American Dream


This documentary got me all riled up.  Good job Alex Gibney!  Why the hell haven’t we reformed campaign finance?  If I could do one thing to make this country a little less horrible, that would be it.  Although I’m sure there would be some unspeakable consequences, like billionaires somehow making the lives of their wage slaves in the third world even more nightmarish in order to adjust for the losses in their bottom lines lost from removing deregulation and paying their fair share of taxes in this country.

But I digress!

Gibney has a skilled facility for explaining the incredibly complex systems that rule us, and he gives us digestible concepts that are thoughtfully presented, such as: divide and conquer-let the middle class roil over benefits that we should all probably have to distract from the billionaire puppeteers who pay a tax rate so low that its bankrupting social programs and the federal government.  I think the most disturbing thing I inferred from this film is that the residents of 740 Park seem like they are actively trying to bankrupt the US, or are somehow indifferent to that outcome.  How is that a long-term strategy to hold on to your absurd cash collection, like an insane hoarder stacking up cat skeletons and used toilet paper?

So the next time I ask you about voting…and you give me some jive about moving or not having enough time… fuck you.  Go vote.  And pay attention.

Docs: 7/10

All Movies: 6/10

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