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The World’s End


The first thirty or forty minutes of this film was funnier than the last whole year of comedies I’ve seen combined.  Why did they have to ruin it with an insufferable five to ten minutes of expository dialogue?  Why did the film suddenly devolve into a depressing photoplay where the rote acting out of the plot you just described to us in excruciating detail had to be so tedious and joyless?  This is by far the worst of the Edgar Wright trio of Simon Pegg films-and just as a caveat I absolutely worship Shaun of The Dead, and I think it’s close to a perfect movie.  I wish this movie had either not been rushed so thoughtlessly into production, or I wish it had never been made to tarnish this promising franchise.  They basically made Hot Fuzz again but way, way worse and super depressing.  What a debbie disappointment!
All Movies: 4/10

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