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House of Cards: David Fincher’s Foucauldian Power Dialectic As Evinced By the Liminal Portrayal of the Feminine Moustache


Netflix’s flagship tv series plays a lot like a typical soap opera-large swaths of tedium with some intrigue peppered in.  The one thing that makes this series different, I suppose, is when Spacey breaks the fourth wall to gab to the audience.  No, I have not seen the British original.  I’m not sure what value this project brings to the small screen, other than the prodigious casting of women with moustaches.  Robin Wright (who is the notable moustache exception) steals the show as Spacey’s severe emotionless wife, and no one should look that hot so close to fifty.  Fincher clearly has a boner for withdrawn Irish actresses, considering he hired The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s ginger sister to carry the series.

TV Dramas: 5/10.  All TV Shows: 5/10

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