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This amateur piece of bro-dom is more like a Budweiser commercial than a discrete film.  In a series of faux verite vignettes, it manages to be a tedious bro montage without all the subtle and engaging bro dialogue. Even watching the bros get murdered at the 30 minute mark was totally unsatisfying, because you know they are off camera eating a bagel right now and congratulating themselves on their indie horror success story.

I almost never turn off (or walk out of) a movie, and I give every book at least a 50 page grace period, but this movie was well below the threshold of worthiness at the 35 minute mark.

The real mystery here: who at Landmark decided to distribute this film all over the US?  Was the cousin of the director somehow related to Barry Gordy, or Michael Bay?

Horror: 2/10  All Movies: 1/10

Save your time and watch a genre-similar but actually good horror movie on Netflix, like The Last Exorcism, REC or Audition.

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