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The Deep Blue Sea


The dreaminess, theatricality and gravitas of this film feels closely akin to Solaris, stylistically and tonally.  Odd bedfellows, a romantic melodrama and a science fiction freak out.  So haunting, vivid and strange that you wonder what this movie is really about, and if Rachel Weisz’s generous, maternal cuckolded husband even really exists, or is a fragmented part of her personality.  If taken at face value, the plot is tedious and overly trodden territory-the miserable and gorgeous woman in trouble ignores her loving husband and runs after a sexier man who discards her.  Then she suffers and cries for two hours.  In spite of this dead-horse plot, the film feels fresh and original, and is operating on a higher level of consciousness than is familiar for the genre.  Perhaps this is a genre buster.

All Dramas: 7/10  All Movies: 6/10

“sometimes its difficult to judge when you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea”

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