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The Master

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.22.56 AMThe Master was the only real art film of 2012.  P.T. Anderson continues to secure his place as one of the greatest directors of our time.  This masterpiece was shamefully snubbed by a cowardly, Scientology-beholden Academy.  Seeing it in 70 mm was one of the great cinematic experiences of the last decade.  Do not miss Joaquin Phoenix’s creepy, visceral performance.  Amy Adams steals the show as Hoffman’s intense, almost feverish wife and disciple.  Her character, definitely a power-broker behind Lancaster Dodd’s “Cause” amusingly conflicts with L. Ron Hubbard’s infamous chapter “A Woman’s Creativity” on how the decline of any great society can be marked by the empowerment of women.  Get behind me Satan!

Dramas: 9/10  All Movies: 9/10

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