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The Wolf of Wall Street


Scorsese made a funny!  Reminiscent of the pacing and structure of Anchorman 2, The Wolf of Wall Street feels like you are watching a raw, totally unedited version of an otherwise good movie.  This was Scorsese’s “Django Unchained”, just an agonizing failure of editing.  It is also his only comedy, and it is really funny.  The glorification of guzzling drugs and having constant wild sex with no consequences (emotional or otherwise) was a bit exhausting.  DiCaprio’s anti-hero never connects with the audience, he’s just depicted as a rascal that we have no investment in.  It was like Goodfellas except we cared about Henry Hill.  I would probably say skip this one, it’s certainly not the movie for you if you care about character development.

All Movies: 4/10

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